Why are colored stone metal tiles so popular?

1 no fading: the color stone metal tile can resist the unstable acid flow in the high temperature in the use of process components, bear the high temperature resistance in the use of the structure of the color stone tile in the cement structure, and bear the acid flow stable function in the high temperature solution manufacturing...

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Characteristics of waterproof roll

1. water resistanceWater resistance refers to the water under the action of water and after being soaked by water, its performance is basically unchanged, and it has water impermeability under the action of pressure water, which is commonly expressed by water impermeability, water absorption and other indicators...

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How long is the service life of asphalt tile in daily use?

Asphalt tile is widely used in high-grade residential areas, villas and ordinary residential buildings because of its wind-proof, waterproof, durable, easy installation and other high-quality performance...

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