Characteristics of waterproof roll

1. water resistanceWater resistance refers to the water under the action of water and after being soaked by water, its performance is basically unchanged, and it has water impermeability under the action of pressure water, which is commonly expressed by water impermeability, water absorption and other indicators.

2. Temperature stability Temperature stability refers to the performance of non flowing, non foaming, non sliding at high temperature and non brittle cracking at low temperature, that is, the ability to maintain the original performance under certain temperature changes. Commonly used heat resistance, heat resistance and other indicators.

3. Mechanical strength, elongation and fracture resistance It refers to the performance that the waterproof roll bears certain load, stress or does not break under certain deformation. Commonly used tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and other indicators.

4. flexibility Flexibility refers to the ability to maintain flexibility at low temperatures. It is very important to ensure easy construction and no embrittlement. Commonly used flexibility, low temperature bending and other indicators.

5. Atmospheric stability Atmospheric stability refers to the ability to resist erosion under the long-term comprehensive effect of sunlight, heat, ozone and other chemical erosion media. Commonly used aging resistance, heat aging retention rate and other indicators.

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