Why are colored stone metal tiles so popular?

1 no fading: the color stone metal tile can resist the unstable acid flow in the high temperature in the use of process components, bear the high temperature resistance in the use of the structure of the color stone tile in the cement structure, and bear the acid flow stable function in the high temperature solution manufacturing.

2. Reduce the exposure light stimulation: for the structure manufactured in the process of preventing exposure, it can prevent the serious phenomenon of fracture, so it is not suitable to cause the phenomenon of unstable connection or poor sound insulation effect in the functional support of beautiful decoration, which improves the stable production characteristics in the cement process.

3 high temperature and heat resistance: in the stable installation technology, the color stone metal tile can improve the phenomenon that it is not suitable for corrosion in the use of economical materials, improve the function of stable acid circulation and easy support in the use of characteristics, and improve the advantage of easy maintenance of the structure in installation and use.

4.The color stone tile has weatherability, moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and non combustibility. The product is based on aluminized zinc steel plate and treated with multi-layer protective film. It can withstand severe cold, hail, storm, rain and snow, extreme heat, earthquake and other severe weather as well as natural disasters. It will not crack, age, burn in case of fire and wind. It has a long service life.

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