Stippie & Jan

Stippie & Jan

An opera for everyone from 5 years by The Singing Harp.

Acting and singing: Caroline Erkelens
Harp and acting: Anne Koene
Staging en script: Margrith Vrenegoor
Compositions: Toek Numan
Stage design and puppets: Judith de Zwart
Puppetry: Jitka Lejdarova
Translation into Russian: Julia Kuzmina

This little opera tells a great story: no man can live without friendship.
“With one voice and a harp they create a whole world.”
“Stippie and Jan” is based on the prize-winning book of Patsy Backx.

A touching story about  outsiders who become friends.
 They discover
that you can “brake a wall” if you have a friend. The puppets that tell
the story of Stippie and Jan, are hidden in their cleaning equipment.
A broom gets a jacket and there is Jan, a mop changed with minor
surgery in Stippie. During the performance the children can actively
participate. They are invited to sing along, clapping and dancing.